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Release: Canada 2020 welcomes Emerson Aerospace Review

November 29, 2012

Canada’s leading progressive think-tank cited in Emerson Report

OTTAWA (29 November 2012) – Canada 2020, a leading, independent, progressive think-tank, welcomes the report of the Emerson Aerospace Review panel, a crucial document that addresses the future of Canada’s $22-billion aerospace industry.

In June 2012, Canada 2020 hosted a conference on Ontario’s aerospace industry, bringing together key players in the aerospace sector – colleges, industry, and municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Canada 2020’s report from the conference, Taking Flight: Making an Ontario Aerospace Cluster a Reality was submitted to, and cited in the Emerson Aerospace Review. That report can be found here.

“Canada 2020 was pleased to contribute to the important policy discussions that formed the basis of the Emerson Aerospace Review,” said Tim Barber, Co-Founder of Canada 2020. “The Emerson panel’s report confronts a critical juncture in Canada’s aerospace industry with sound, efficient policy recommendations.”

The Aerospace Review, headed by The Hon. David Emerson, P.C. O.B.C, was mandated by the Government of Canada “to produce concrete, fiscally-neutral recommendations on how federal policies and programs can help maximize the competitiveness of Canada’s aerospace and space sectors.”

During Canada 2020’s Taking Flight conference in June, industry leaders, politicians, academics and other experts identified the need for enhanced skill development to leverage capacity in both existing and emerging aerospace clusters in Canada. Both the Canada 2020 report and the Emerson Aerospace Review note:

One of the significant constraints to industry growth identified is an aging workforce and skilled labour shortage. One proposal to address this challenge, for which there was significant support, was to establish an aerospace campus at the Downsview Park site. This would leverage Ontario’s very best educational institutions in a unique partnership designed to develop innovative new technologies, aid in workforce training and skills development, and participate in supply chain development activities. This campus would provide an anchor point to a proposed aerospace technology corridor between Toronto and Montréal and enhance the capabilities of both centres.

“The Emerson Aerospace Review has identified the right priorities for the federal government and industry to jointly address” said Eugene Lang, co-author of the conference report and Co-Founder of Canada 2020. “Canada 2020  supports rapid implementation of the Review’s recommendation so Canada can maintain and grow its position in the global aerospace market.”

Canada 2020’s Taking Flight report can be read here:

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About Canada 2020:

Canada 2020 is a leading, independent, progressive think-tank. Canada 2020′s objective is to inform and influence debate, to identify progressive policy solutions and to help redefine federal government for a modern Canada. We do this by convening leading authorities from Canada and abroad, generating original policy thinking, and prioritizing effective communication.

Our orientation is:

  • Progressive and non-partisan.
  • Long-term, with an emphasis on key structural issues facing Canada.
  • Collaborative and outward focused.
  • Activist: we aim to influence the policy agenda.

Click here to access a Canada 2020 Fact Sheet.

For more information or to speak with Tim Barber or Eugene Lang please contact:

Alex Paterson
Communications Coordinator, Canada 2020

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