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Quality Content Episode 9: Design[ing] Canada, with Greg Durrell

“Often times, the best graphic design works so well that we don’t even realize it’s there.” Host Alex Paterson is joined by designer and filmmaker Greg Durrell, whose documentary film Design Canada celebrates the golden era of Canadian graphic design, to discuss how symbols and illustrations continue to define Canada’s cultural identity. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play

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Quality Content Episode 8: #EnemyOfNone, with Cecile Wehrman

“It doesn’t matter how [fake news] started. It just matters that the president of the United States, who is sworn to uphold the constitution, which has a first amendment giving us the right to a free press is trashing the press at every turn & only trashing the press critical of his actions…” Guest host Sarah […]

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Quality Content Episode 3: Building Bridges, with Chloe Ferguson

“I became totally obsessed with the core brain story and child development” Chloe Ferguson of the Martin Family Initiative joins Alex Paterson in the Interac Podcast Lounge to talk about her experiences in First Nations communities across the country — what we’re getting right, what we’re getting wrong, and what we’re missing. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, […]

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