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Canada 2020 launches initiative studying rise and fall of Canada’s female First Ministers

Since 1867, only 12 women have served as either premier or prime minister in Canada. There have, in fact, been more than three times as many First Ministers named John than there have been women. Furthermore, when women have served in Canada’s senior-most political roles, they do so in more challenging circumstances, serve roughly half as long as their male counterparts, and when they stand for re-election, they lose.

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The Canada 2020 Internship Program – 2019 Applications

Applications are now open for the 2019 Internship Program at Canada 2020. This is a paid internship, beginning February 2018 for a minimum period of 12 weeks. You will be working with the Canada 2020 team in our Ottawa offices on a series of projects, events and original research…

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/Thread Episode 19: Climate, Cannabis, and Kanye West

“The idea that carbon taxes don’t work – I’m sure you could misdesign them and mess them up – but you’re arguing essentially that prices don’t affect behaviour, which is not the way I live and it’s not the way anyone else lives as far as I know.” Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by David Reevely, […]

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