Canada 2020 Studio Series: The Open Dialogue Debate

Governments around the world are opening up new channels of dialogue with citizens.

In Europe and North America, these channels are clashing with a rise in new populist political movements.

So we want to know: is open dialogue and citizen engagement an effective response to populism?

On Tuesday, July 11 , we’re hosting the next instalement in our Canada 2020 Studio Series, where Don Lenihan and Rachel Curran return to debate the merits of open dialogue.

Registration is free and open to the public.

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In the most recent Canada 2020 paper by Don Lenihan, “Is Open Dialogue the Answer to ‘Post Fact’ Populism”, Open Dialogue is argued to have the enormous potential to both to improve and or deter citizen engagement levels. As such, we have constructed the following resolution:

Be it resolved that the best way to promote informed public participation and to neutralize “post-fact” populism is through Open Dialogue; and that Canadian governments should be energetically pursuing this option.

Arguing for the resolution is Don Lenihan, Senior Associate of Policy & Engagement at Canada 2020.

Arguing against the resolution is Rachel Curran, former Director of Policy to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Moderating the debate is EKOS President, Frank Graves.

VenueCanada 2020 Studio, 35 O'Connor Street, Ottawa, On K1P 5M4 CA