(Re)Engaging Canada’s Political Youth

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Canadian youth are staying home from the ballot box en masse – but that does not mean they are not motivated to make change in their communities. At a time when it has never been easier to mobilize and organize around issues of national importance, it is clear politicians and public figures need a new approach for re-engaging Canada’s political youth.

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Join Canada 2020, youth outreach strategist Max Valiquette, and Generation Progress’ Executive Director Anne Johnson for a special 5 – 7 Town Hall style event where we ask questions like:


  • Is there a youth frequency that Canada’s politicos are ignoring?
  • How do the issues young Canadians care about find a home in the policy process?
  • Where and how are Canada’s youth convening, and in what ways do our traditional political outreach mechanisms need to adapt?
  • Who takes the first step in building trust between youth and public figures – and how can we maintain that trust outside of the regular electoral cycle?
  • How can we inspire Canadian youth to careers in public service? And in what ways has serving the public interest changed in the 21st century?

Featured Participants

  • Anne Johnson
    Executive Director, Generation Progress Bio
  • Max Valiquette
    Managing Director, Strategy at Bensimon Byrne Bio

VenueNate's, 152 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario CA