The Canada 2020 National Forum on Agri-Food: Competing in a New World Order

Registration Now Open

On November 6 & 7, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada 2020 invites you to join us for the National Forum on Agri-Food: Competing in a New World Order.

The Forum will be the peak gathering of Canada 2020’s Food Brand Project, which is studying a global agri-food system at a crossroads: it must remain a resilient and dependable producer of safe, high quality food while coping with rising consumer expectations around nutrition, sustainability and trust.

For its part, Canada is seeking to better define its national food brand on a global stage and expand its ambitions. Canada 2020’s National Forum on Agri-Food is our opportunity to bring visibility to the vital importance of Canada’s agri-food sector at a formative time (immediately following our upcoming federal election).

Building on positive change taking place across the sector, the Forum will be used to develop a short action plan for food system stakeholders to take forward.

Registration is now open at – we hope you can join us.

Registration Now Open

The Forum will have four compelling segments:

  1. “Risk, reward & reputation in a new world order.” Countries worldwide are facing a world of rising populism, intensifying global impacts of climate change & growing geo-political & economic uncertainty. How does Canada’s agri-food sector thrive & protect its trusted food reputation in this emerging world?
  2. “The citizen. The planet.” Global agri-food practices are being increasingly assessed and benchmarked against a host of health, social & environmental factors. What do food systems need to do to credibly meet (if not exceed) these rising expectations? Is it advantageous for Canada to be a leading performer?
  3. “Inspiration. Aspiration.” Profiling successful companies: The future of Canada’s agri-food sector depends on attracting investment & remaining competitive. How can we better leverage food brand attributes (i.e., producing high quality/safe/nutritious/sustainable/reliably-supplied food) to catalyze new economic opportunities & new ways of competing?
  4. “Why is agri-food not widely perceived as a “super-sector”?” The food system can garner the trust & support it needs to fulfill its potential. A Forum-wide “dialogue” will lead to the development of a “short-sharp action list” on needed actions, such as the leadership we need; the strategy we need; the policies & regulations we need; the research & innovation we need; and the metrics we need.

Registration details:

  • General Early-Bird: $295 + HST (valid until August 30th, 2019)
  • General Regular Registration: $395 + HST (valid from August 31st, 2019 onwards)
  • Not-for-Profit, Charity & Community Foundation: $195 + HST
  • Student: $59 + HST (redeemable with a valid student card from an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution)

Featured Participants

  • (more to be announced)
  • Dominic Barton
    Managing Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company Bio
  • Ertharin Cousin
    Distinguished Fellow at the Center on Food Security and the Environment, Stanford University Bio

VenueChateau Laurier Hotel, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8S7 CA