Seminar: Governing in a Mutli-Stakeholder World – From Consultation to Open Dialogue

In this daylong seminar, Canada 2020’s Senior Associate Dr. Don Lenihan will equip participants with the tools to implement open dialogue principals and practices.

The course consolidates over a decade of work in the field by Don on some ground-breaking engagement projects, including development of Ontario’s new Condominium Act and the renewal of the Canadian Sport Policy, which has now been endorsed by all 14 federal, provincial and territorial governments.

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Who Should Attend?

Public engagement impacts all aspects of the policy process, from ideas-generation to service delivery, auditing and evaluation. The course will be of interest to officials from across government, but should be of particular interest to those involved in policy-development, communications and service delivery. Those in the private and voluntary sectors doing work on policy or services will also find the course timely and relevant and are welcome.

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Featured Participants

  • Don Lenihan
    Senior Associate, Canada 2020 Bio

VenueTelfer School of Management's Centre for Executive Leadership, 45 O'Connor Street, Suite 350 , Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5E1 CA