The Canada 2020 National Pharmacare Forum

The federal government is getting closer to its goal of introducing a national pharmacare plan.

A marquee goal of the Trudeau government, the policy is still under construction. The government’s Pharmacare Advisory Council, led by Dr. Eric Hoskins, is preparing its final report with specific recommendations on a program’s design and delivery. The report is expected in the coming months.

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Indeed it may come to pass that when Canadians go to the polls in October, one of the issues they will be voting on is the shape and scope of a national pharmacare plan.

And so, during this formative period, Canada 2020 is convening a forum debate and discuss the issue.

On May 14th, 2019, we will be joined by public policy leaders, including the Hon. Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, as well as key representatives from industry and the research community.

Featured Participants

  • Hon. Ginette Petitpas Taylor PC MP
    Minister of Health, Member of Parliament (Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe) Bio

VenueCanada 2020 Studio, 35 O'Connor Street, Suite 302, Ottawa, Ontario K1P5M4 CA