The Global Clean Energy Boom: Can Canada Compete?

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Canada’s clean energy sector is small, but thriving.

That said, the sector is barely scratching the surface of a global market that is already worth a trillion dollars—a figure widely expected to triple by the end of this decade.

The clean energy boom is coming: will Canada be able to compete and cash-in?

Key questions we’re asking:

  • What are the most promising opportunities—in Asia and elsewhere—for Canada in the global shift to clean energy?
  • How might entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses create new opportunities?
  • And how can policymakers support their efforts?

To answer these questions, Clean Energy Canada and Canada 2020 are pleased to welcome Mr. Ethan Zindler, the Washington, DC-based head of policy analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.



Featured Participants

  • Ethan Zindler

VenueThe Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario CA