2020, Our Year

Canada 2020 is Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank. For the past 14 years, we have built a community of progressive ideas and people that move our country forward.

2006 -

Looking Back

From the start, we have been committed to connecting, engaging and empowering public leadership in Canada and around the world to position Canadians and their ideas for success. We engage with the business community, NGOs, academics, and governments at all levels, to build a community of thoughtful people working to address the big issues, from climate change to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, sustainable resource development, our place in the world and more.

Now, 14 years on, with the benefit of perspective and a wide archive of events, books, papers, podcasts, and in-depth analysis, we are ready to launch into the next decade.

Canada 2020 was founded in 2006, providing a space for challenging and insightful conversations about government, public policy, and the progressive ideas to move Canada forward. Initially drawing inspiration from leading organizations and policy initiatives around the world, today Canada 2020 is one of North America's leading progressive think tanks. 

Our name, Canada 2020, was chosen to reflect a sense of hopeful, forward momentum: a year, in the not too distant future, by which we could achieve meaningful and positive change in our economy, society and standing on the world stage. Our work has reflected that goal through forward-looking discussions about the defining issues of our time. 

From the Archives

2020 -


Since our founding, Canada 2020 has been fortunate to reach thousands of Canadians through our events, research and media, opening a marketplace for progressive ideas about the ways government, public policy, and the choices we make today can have an impact on the country we want tomorrow. As Canada’s leading convener, we want to give you the opportunity to participate in, shape and carry the conversation forward. That is why we are announcing our entire program for the year. Scroll down to see what is on the agenda.

2020 will feature our most vibrant program yet. We are using our namesake year to showcase the issues, challenges, and opportunities that we believe will define the next decade in Canada. Some issue areas are chronic and persistent, others are new and emerging - all require long-term, strategic thinking. From meeting energy transformation head-on or advancing Indigenous reconciliation, to securing a more sustainable health system, or investing in green infrastructure, our 2020 program is packed with public policy conversations that matter.

Our Program for 2020

Better Healthcare


Progress on Canada’s healthcare system is not keeping up with the pressures of a growing and aging population. That’s why we are hosting our 5th Annual Health Innovation Summit this February. Bringing together key representatives from the medical, policy, industry and research communities, we will discuss the emerging trends in medical technology, as well as the advances and changes needed to achieve a more sustainable health system. 


Connecting Canadians

Fast, reliable and accessible connectivity infrastructure is key to greater economic development, inclusion and innovation. It is the backbone of our innovation economy, and yet serious challenges remain in ensuring that communities across Canada are connected. The Canada 2020 Connectivity Summit in March will analyze the policy frameworks, partnership models and case studies that will improve connectivity infrastructure in Canada.


Navigating Energy Transformation

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and Canadian policymakers have committed to building a more sustainable future. But navigating economic growth, resource and energy development, and a transition into a green economy is extremely challenging. The Canada 2020 Energy Transformation Summit will explore the shifting global energy market, Canada's place within it, and the realities of navigating an energy sector in transition.


Promoting Innovation & Protecting Privacy

More competition and innovation in Canada’s financial services sector has the potential to dramatically change the way financial products and services are used and accessed by Canadians. Bringing together specialists in A.I., open banking and consumer data rights, the Canada 2020 FinTech Summit will explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of financial technology in Canada.

The 2020 Gala

To mark the 14th anniversary of our founding, we are hosting the inaugural Canada 2020 Gala. Our first ever Gala event, The 2020 Gala will feature a series of awards (nominations opening soon), presentations and special guests, as well as lay the groundwork for our next chapter. Big, inspiring and fun, The 2020 Gala will be our opportunity to celebrate the people and organizations working towards a brighter future for Canada.


Canada and the World

Canada 2020 has been the proud host of the Global Progress network's annual summit in Canada for the past four years. Featuring participants from over 20 countries, the Global Progress Summit will be returning to Montreal this September to discuss broad progressive themes like combating populism, digital democracy, and economic inclusion.


Investing in Infrastructure

Sustainability, resilience, and adaptability will be key components of Canada’s major infrastructure investments going forward. From updating electrical grids, setting new building standards, modernizing transit systems, building smart cities and more, the Canada 2020 Green Infrastructure Forum will analyze case studies, investment strategies, new technologies, and the long-term trends.


Advancing Indigenous Reconciliation

Each year, the Canada 2020 Indigenous Economic Development Forum showcases the progress being made to advance Indigenous economic reconciliation and development in Canada. Highlighting success stories and Indigenous leadership, our 5th Annual Forum will share innovative new approaches to expanding economic and educational opportunities with Indigenous communities across Canada. 


Canada 2020 Studio Series

The Canada 2020 Studio Series are unique events hosted in our Ottawa studio, free of charge and open to the public. These events, made possible by our sustaining partners, provide Canadians an opportunity for meaningful and direct engagement on big issues, from foreign affairs to the rise of populism, data security to energy transformation.

Towards an Independent Senate

January 30th, 2020

Senators Raymonde Saint-Germain and Yuen Pau Woo

Define the Next Decade


Canada 2020 has become a platform for rich, open, public dialogue about the future of our country. This year, we invite you to add your voice to our program.

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