Don Newman

Chairman, Canada 2020 Advisory Board

Don Newman, the Chairman of Canada 2020′s Advisory Board, is a trusted and respected public affairs advisor and a distinguished journalist, broadcaster and author.  His recent career memoir “Welcome to the Broadcast” chronicles the politics and changing media landscape that he reported on and witnessed, and the leaders he met and interviewed over five decades.

He is now Principal Strategic Counsel at Temple Scott Associates, a public affairs firm in Toronto and Ottawa, and a sought-after public speaker, panel moderator and political commentator.

In recognition of his balanced coverage, high journalistic standards and in-depth knowledge of politics, public policy, history and current events, Don Newman was named to the Order of Canada in 1999.

He is a life-member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery and Canada’s History Society, and also a recipient of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s Gordon Sinclair Award for special achievement in broadcast journalism, the Parliamentary Press Gallery’s Charles Lynch Award for outstanding coverage of national issues, the Public Policy Forum’s Hyman Solomon Award for public policy journalism; and has honorary degrees from Queens’ and Winnipeg universities.