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Whither the health debate?

The current federal health accord expires in 2014. Most expected that, by now, we would be entering a period of protracted wrangling over what would replace it. Instead we face something of a void. In December 2011 the federal finance minister unexpectedly – and unilaterally – announced a surprisingly generous new offer to the provinces: […]

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Canada must leap ahead in Asia

Canada is back in the game in Asia. With two recent visits by Prime Minister Harper (to China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan) and a path-breaking trip to Myanmar by Foreign Minister John Baird, the government has begun a serious policy tilt towards Asia. The recent federal budget underscores this leaning towards Asia, with its focus on […]

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Can a Small Change Budget Transform Canada’s Economy?

The federal Budget thus far seems to be known most for eliminating the penny, a small change initiative if there ever was one.  Yet the government claims Budget 2012, entitled Jobs, Growth and Long Term Prosperity, will secure Canada’s long-term prosperity, which, according to Mr. Flaherty and the Prime Minister, is anchored in this country’s […]

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