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Inequality at the top of everyone’s agenda

Not two years ago, income inequality was a pretty obscure topic. Not so today. Earlier this year the World Economic Forum identified income inequality as a top global risk and in late 2011 President Obama called growing inequality “the defining issue of our time”. In March, polling by Ekos found that 57% of Canadians felt […]

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Searching for a new progressive narrative

In the last few years, commentators have remarked upon the narrative of Canada developed by the Harper Conservatives, emphasizing patriotism that supports the military, Tim Horton’s and the North. More recently we have heard calls for a new progressive narrative as an alternative to this Harper version. What could form part of this narrative, and […]

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Canada must adjust to the Asian century

Over the coming decades, Asia will become the global centre of aspiration, innovation and technology. Canada’s long-term prosperity and security will increasingly depend on its ability to understand and seize economic opportunities in the region – particularly in the twin giants of China and India – as well as in countries such as Vietnam and […]

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