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Omnibus budget legislation hits a new low

‘What does this have to do with the ways and means of the government?” It was a question asked in the mid 1990s by government House leader Herb Gray in the early days of the Chrétien government, during a briefing he was having with finance department officials on the Budget Implementation Act (BIA). Gray, then […]

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Falling off the ‘fiscal cliff’ will hurt Canada too

It has been said that when the U.S. sneezes Canada catches a cold.  Today, America’s economy has a low grade fever that could develop into pneumonia in the next few months.  This takes the economic form of relatively slow post-recession growth by US historical standards—an annualized rate of 2.0% according to the US Department of […]

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Healing Through Collaboration

This study looks at the Government of Nunavut’s Poverty Reduction process, a remarkable, year-long process that engaged some 800 of Nunavut’s 33,000 people, across the territory. The process resulted in recommendations in eight key areas, including the creation of a new kind of collaborative organization to lead community engagement on poverty reduction. Download the Full […]

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