Progress in the balance?

Nearly half the people on earth live in countries that will hold national elections in 2024. It’s the world’s biggest election year ever, with approximately 2 billion people heading to the polls.

No election will have its impacts echo more widely than that of the United States of America. Its effects will be palpable worldwide, and felt especially strongly here in Canada — with Donald Trump in the running for the third straight U.S. presidential election cycle. With vital questions about what this campaign could present for the health of democracy, an emboldened global far-right, and the future of Canada’s economic and security partnerships worldwide, how do we ‘Trump-proof’ the future we all share?

On the week of Super Tuesday, join Canada 2020 and Sarada Peri, Senior Fellow with the Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University and former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Speechwriter for President Barack Obama, and other leading voices for a special conversation on the state of the 2024 U.S. election campaign, what’s at stake for democracy worldwide in the coming year, and how we can best shape the positive case for progress.

Featured Participants

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    Sarada Peri

    Senior Fellow, Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University