Saving Social Media: Ideas from a Conversation with Frances Haugen

“Imagine a world where people had the right to reset their algorithm.”

In 2021, Frances Haugen leaked tens of thousands of internal documents to the Wall Street Journal and testified before the US Senate on the vital challenge of ensuring that the biggest social media companies don’t put profits before public welfare and safety. Now, she’s devoted her life to advocating for a reformed social media ecosystem that protects the wellbeing, trust, and health of its users – and all of society. 

Canada 2020 recently hosted an evening of conversation with Haugen (moderated by Supriya Dwivedi, Director of Policy and Engagement at the Centre for Media, Technology & Democracy), on how we can strengthen the information environment for a healthier democracy, and build social media that brings out the best in humanity. You can hear that conversation in this special edition 2020 Network podcast.

In the news:

At Canada 2020, Frances Haugen spoke with the Toronto Star and iPolitics about building a safer online world and its effects on democracy. Read the articles:

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Read the story


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