Democracy in the Digital Age: Addressing Online Harms

The rise of digital media and technology has transformed how we engage in democratic processes and public debate. In Canada and around the world, digital threats are contributing to polarizing societies and weakening institutions. That’s why Canada 2020 is launching Democracy in the Digital Age, a new series that will challenge Canadians to rethink their approach to defending our democratic institutions.

On March 31st, Canada 2020 will be joined by Minister Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s Minister of Canadian Heritage, in conversation with Anja Karadeglija, Parliamentary Reporter at the National Post, to explore Canada’s approach to reducing the harms of digital technology on democracy and public life.

A response panel will follow, including participation from Laura Tribe, Executive Director of Open Media, Will Perrin, Trustee at Carnegie Trust UK, and Vivek Krishnamurthy, the Samuelson-Glushko Professor of Law and Director of Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic.

Featured participants

  • Anja Karadeglija

    Reporter, The National Post

  • Laura Tribe

    Executive Director, OpenMedia

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    Hon. Steven Guilbeault

    Minister of Environment and Climate Change

  • Vivek Krishnamurthy

    Samuelson-Glushko Professor of Law and Director of CIPPIC

  • Will Perrin

    Trustee at Carnegie Trust UK