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Analysis: Who is Matteo Renzi?

At just 39 years of age, Matteo Renzi became Italy’s youngest-ever prime minister in late February. Yet only months before, the then-mayor of Florence had been embroiled in a primary race for the leadership of the Italian Democratic Party. He secured victory with a convincing majority in early December 2013; Renzi won 68 percent of […]

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So you want to build a progressive movement in Canada

Last November, Larry Summers opened his talk at our packed Canada 2020 event, by saying that think tanks, such as Canada 2020, were vital to the political process. In his view, much of the North American political discourse is the result of a carefully placed op-ed, or a strategically researched issue brief from a think […]

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Searching for a new progressive narrative

In the last few years, commentators have remarked upon the narrative of Canada developed by the Harper Conservatives, emphasizing patriotism that supports the military, Tim Horton’s and the North. More recently we have heard calls for a new progressive narrative as an alternative to this Harper version. What could form part of this narrative, and […]

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