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Canada 2020 is Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank working to redefine the role of the federal government for a modern Canada.
We do this by hosting events, producing original research, and starting conversations about Canada’s future. Our goal is to build a progressive community of people and ideas that will move and shape governments in the future.

Canada 2020 Health Summit Report

The full conference report for Canada 2020’s Healthcare Summit, which took place November 30 – December 1, 2015 in Ottawa. The event is the first in a recurring event series that brings together leading health thinkers from Canada and around the world. Over the course of the Canada 2020 Healthcare Summit, several recurring themes emerged that point to a potential role for the federal government in creating a sustainable health system for all Canadians…

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Rethinking the scope of health care in Canada: a renewed federal role

The recently elected federal liberal government campaigned on strengthening Canada’s publicly funded health care system. How Canada ensures it provides a universal, affordable, and high quality health care system that accommodates technological innovation and changes in delivery over the next few decades is a particularly important challenge. In this piece, Mark Stabile thinks through a renewed federal role in health.

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Blog: Obama’s diplomatic achievements

Not long ago, the pundits and chattering class were turning off the lights on the Obama presidency. They said he had failed to live up to the promise of the hopes he had created as a presidential candidate. After the 2014 midterm election, the President looked isolated politically and the prospects of success on the policy front seemed very limited.

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Original research, commentary and insight from Canada's leading, independent, progressive think-tank.

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