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/Thread Episode 28: Geopolitical tensions, Goodbye Centre Block, and Oscar hosts

Host Sarah Turnbull invites in Marie-Danielle Smith of the National Post and Murad Hemmadi of The Logic to discuss: the geopolitical tensions brewing between the U.S., China, and Canada caused initially by the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, saying goodbye to Parliament Hill’s Centre Block building for a decade-long renovation, and Kevin Hart’s decision to step down from hosting the Oscars.

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Explain like I’m Five Episode 12: The House of Commons, with Dale Smith

“They’ll be friendly for a couple of hours but they have a summers worth of pent up issues that they need to litigate in the House of Commons so they’re going to be as performative as they possibly can be in order to show everyone that they’re fuelled up and roaring to go.” Dale Smith, […]

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