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/Thread Episode 24: Amazon HQ2 bid, Facebook drama, and Celine Dion’s clothing ad

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by National Post reporter Marie-Danielle Smith and The Logic reporter Murad Hemmadi to break down a few of the week’s top headlines. Topics include: Toronto’s failed Amazon HQ2 bid and tax competitiveness, alleged Facebook coverups, and Celine Dion’s bizarre TV advertisement promoting her new gender neutral kids clothing line.

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/Thread Episode 22: StatsCan data, Facebook hearings, and Google walkouts

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by National Post reporter Stuart Thomson, senior consultant at Earnscliffe Strategy Group Mary Anne Carter, and producer Aaron Reynolds. The group unpacks Statistics Canada’s plan to obtain Canadians’ financial data from banking institutions, Mark Zuckerberg’s requested attendance from a joint parliamentary hearing, and Google employees’ global walkout.

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Wonk with Mike Episode 23: Cities on the Move, with Mayor Jeff Lehman

“Unfortunately most of our services – many of our services anyway – have been built to follow the same model, really a reactive model but they’re full of people who care a huge amount about their community.” Host Mike Moffatt is joined by the Mayor of Barrie, Ontario, Jeff Lehman to chat about sparking innovation […]

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