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Wonk with Mike Episode 15: NAFTA: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over, with Peter Clark

“Lighthizer doesn’t like anybody passing judgement on his wins. He doesn’t want his wins to be temporary, he wants them to be permanent.” Peter Clark, one of Canada’s most active international trade practitioners, joins host Mike Moffatt to discuss the looming NAFTA deadline, which industries will be impacted most by a new deal, and Canada’s […]

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Wonk with Mike Episode 14: The Power of Mayors, with Kate Graham

“I am a big believer in the power and autonomy of local government in Canada.” Host Mike Moffatt is joined by Kate Graham, PhD candidate studying the role and power of mayors in Canada’s urban centres. The two discuss the changing nature of the job, getting women more involved in local politics, and upcoming municipal […]

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Wonk with Mike Episode 13: There’s No Science Behind That, with Dr. Andrew Samis

“Why are we focusing on meat and dairy? It doesn’t make sense. The science isn’t there. It only makes sense to me if there’s some other agenda.” Host Mike Moffatt is joined by Kingston-based surgeon and critical care specialist Dr. Andrew Samis to talk about the flawed research behind Health Canada’s proposed changes to Canada’s […]

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