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From the End of History to the End of Progress

A few years ago, we began noticing something very different about the way the public looked at the economy. The public seemed to believe that we were encountering an end of progress. The idea of a “better life” or what is known to the south as the American Dream seemed to be slipping away. Among citizens of both Canada and the United States, there was a growing recognition that the middle class bargain of shared prosperity…

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Canada’s cities need more than cap-in-hand solutions

The mayors of Canada’s biggest cities have a clear-eyed focus on Canada’s challenges. They also know that they don’t have the money to fix these challenges alone. In meeting mayors in Toronto, I heard about traffic congestion, affordable housing and integrating new immigrants to Canada – the vast majority of which end up in […]

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La Magna Carta et la réforme démocratique

C’est le 15 juin qu’aura lieu le 800e anniversaire de la Magna Carta. Alors qu’un peu partout dans le monde, chacun souligne un peu à sa façon l’impact de la Magna Carta, l’appellation latine de la Grande Charte, il est opportun de revenir sur la signification de ce moment historique […]

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