2020 Live: The 5th Annual Health Innovation Summit (Part 1)

Last week, Canada 2020 hosted it’s 5th Annual Health Innovation Summit, bringing together key representatives from across the health system ​to explore how advancements in technology and investments in innovation help improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Here’s what you can expect from ​Part 1 of this episode of 2020 live​:

​Welcoming Presentation
Dr. Sandy Buchman, President, Canadian Medical Association

-Presentation: Health Care Costs, Demographic Pressures & Emerging Challenges
Mostafa Askari, Chief Economist, IFSD, uOttawa

-​Panel Discussion: Growing the Health Innovation Ecosystem
Matthew Collingridge, General Manager, Digital, GE Healthcare
Janet Daglish, National Director, Bayshore
Bill Charnetski, EVP PointClickCare