2020 Live: The 5th Annual Health Innovation Summit (Part 1)

by Canada 2020. Posted March 2, 2020

Last week, Canada 2020 hosted it’s 5th Annual Health Innovation Summit, bringing together key representatives from across the health system ​to explore how advancements in technology and investments in innovation help improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Here’s what you can expect from ​Part 1 of this episode of 2020 live​:

​Welcoming Presentation
Dr. Sandy Buchman, President, Canadian Medical Association

-Presentation: Health Care Costs, Demographic Pressures & Emerging Challenges
Mostafa Askari, Chief Economist, IFSD, uOttawa

-​Panel Discussion: Growing the Health Innovation Ecosystem
Matthew Collingridge, General Manager, Digital, GE Healthcare
Janet Daglish, National Director, Bayshore
Bill Charnetski, EVP PointClickCare