Canada 2020 at 10: Full Event Calendar for 2016

This June, Canada 2020 officially turns 10.

To be specific, June 14th marks 10 years since our inaugural conference in Mt. Tremblant where Canada 2020 was founded.
Since that time, Canada 2020 has grown and evolved into Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank. We have hosted over 150 events, written 3 books, hosted world leaders on our stage, published influential policy briefs, and engaged thousands of Canadians in conversations about Canada’s future.
To celebrate a decade of impact, we’ve put together an exciting calendar of events and special projects. Here’s some dates you should add to your calendar (and stay tuned for a few more surprises):

June 6: Global Energy Outlook 2016

Kicking off our 10 year celebrations is Canada 2020’s Global Energy Outlook for 2016.
A now annual event, Canada 2020’s Energy Outlook is a chance for us to take stock of the global energy market and Canada’s place within it. This year, Daniel Yergin – one of the most respected voices on energy in the world – will return to our stage to forecast what’s in store for the global energy market as it continues to deal with massive fluctuations and a renewed focused on clean energy.
We are also excited to announce that at the event, Daniel Yergin will sit down with the Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources.
This event is sold-out! You can watch it online at

June 14: Canada’s Next Big Challenge – Being Innovative

One of our most-talked about events from our 10 year history is 5 Big Ideas for Canada, a public event that saw five Canadians take our stage a pitch a bold, provocative idea for Canada’s future.
We heard from Col. Chris Hadfield, author Tom Rand, urban innovator Jennifer Keesmaat and more. It was fun, interactive, and absolutely packed full of new ideas for Canada.
That’s why we’re happy to announce that on June 14, we’ll be hosting a follow-up – this time focused entirely on innovation.
5 Innovative Ideas for Canada will ask five more impressive individuals to take our stage and pitch a bold idea that would help Canada become more innovative, more entrepreneurial and more keen to take big risks.
This event is SOLD OUT. You can watch it online at

June 15: The Canada 2020 Innovation Report – Launch Summit

Canada 2020 is pleased to announce that we are taking on a major project for 2016 focused entirely on Canada’s innovation challenge.
The Canada 2020 Innovation Report will be a significant contribution to public policy and public life in Canada, and will be the result of months of work from Canada 2020’s assembled working group of experts, advisors, and entrepreneurs who have studied Canada’s innovation problem over the past 30 years.
This multi-part project begins June 15th with a kick-off summit in Ottawa. We are bringing together political, business and thought leaders for a full-day conference focused on ensuring our working group is asking the right questions about the innovation problems across Canadian sectors like finance, health, IT, energy and more.
The entire Canada 2020 Innovation Report process will be documented online and feature opportunities for public consultation as we embark on a fact-finding mission across Canada, the U.S. and abroad to answer the central question: how can Canada be a more innovative country?

Summer 2016: The Canada 2020 Innovation Report – Summer Series

As part of the Canada 2020 Innovation Report, we will be hosting a series of roundtables, delegation visits and more over the Summer. If you are interested in engaging in this process, let us know at [email protected].

September 14 – 15: Global Progress 2016

Canada 2020 is a member of Global Progress, an international network of progressive think tanks and research initiatives. In March, Canada 2020 and Global Progress partnered to host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his State Visit in Washington.
This fall, Canada 2020 has been selected to host Global Progress 2016, the annual gathering of progressive political, business, NGO and thought leaders from across the world.
Held on the eve of the UN General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative, Global Progress is a chance for world leaders and other special guests and conference goers to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global progressive community.
More details to come.

November 3 – 4: 3rd Annual Canada 2020 Conference

Canada 2020’s annual conference will be hosted November 3rd and 4th in Ottawa, and feature the same world-class speakers, discussion and debate about Canadian public policy. This year will also feature the presentation of the findings and recommendations from the Canada 2020 Innovation Report.
Registration will open in September 2016. If you haven’t been to Canada 2020’s last two conferences in 2014 and 2015, you’re missing out.

November 3: Canada 2020’s 10th Anniversary Gala

To close out our 10th Anniversary Year, Canada 2020 will cap celebrations off with a large fundraising Gala in Ottawa. Hosted on the first evening of the 3rd Annual Canada 2020 Conference, we have something special planned for guests. Details to come in September.

Alex Paterson is Canada 2020’s Director of Communications & Operations. You can reach him at [email protected]