Open to Debate: Can we build resilience in a crisis?

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The year 2020 will be, for many, the most difficult year of their life. And yet, there will still be difficult years ahead. We are living through a pandemic. We are facing structural shifts in the global order. We are witnessing the decline of democracy, or at least its stagnation. We are grappling with climate change.

The struggles we face are shaped by factors we control, and factors we cannot control. Managing and solving big problems requires structural changes and action from those in positions of authority. However, we may not be without personal psychological tools to help us manage our lives day-to-day. One such implement is resilience — a capacity to resist and to recover that can be developed, sharpened, and put to good use. The question is: Can we build resilience in a crisis?

On this episode of Open to Debate, David Moscrop talks with Komal Minhas, interviewer, entrepreneur, and resilience educator. She also hosts a podcast, which you can find on her website at