Open to Debate: What does the future hold for liberal democracy?

Globally, democracy is in recession. In the United States, it is in crisis. In Canada, it is, at best, plodding, complacent, and exclusionary. The social, political, and economic order that so many have taken for granted for so long now faces upheaval. Some believe that shift is long overdue, but alternatives driven by authoritarian populism and other toxic varieties of self-government threaten to usher in something far worse. Regardless, the status quo is untenable. Those who wish to preserve liberal democracy face a challenge: they must find a way to adapt the system in the face of growing counter-pressures and changing technologies, attitudes, and priorities. So, what does the future hold for liberal democracy?

On this episode of Open to Debate, David Moscrop talks with Manuel Hinds, former minister of finance in El Salvador, former division chief at the World Bank, and author of In Defense of Liberal Democracy: What We Need To Do To Heal A Divided America.