@Risk: Taxing Truths and Flying Falsehoods with Carl Bergstrom and Cass Sunstein

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On this episode of @Risk, Jodi Butts sits down with Cass Sunstein, bestselling author of Too Much Information, Understanding What You Don’t Want to Know, and Carl Bergstrom, co-author of Calling Bullshit: The Art of Scepticism in a Data-Driven World.

There are lots of salesmen trying to convince us of miracle cures for the things that could kill us, while couching their misleading statements in superfluous mathematical and scientific jargon. There is also a ton of accurate information out there which can confound and overwhelm us without trying. Sunstein and Bergstrom provide us with the tools to better process and understand the data that feeds our risk decision-making and the risks created by too much information and too much B.S.

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