/Thread Episode 24: Amazon HQ2 bid, Facebook drama, and Celine Dion’s clothing ad

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“Canada historically has had a pretty competitive corporate tax position. The Trump tax cuts turned what had been on average an eight point advantage to a seven point deficit. So we went from being far better than them to far worse than them overnight.”

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by National Post reporter Marie-Danielle Smith and The Logic reporter Murad Hemmadi to break down a few of the week’s top headlines. Topics include: Toronto’s failed Amazon HQ2 bid and tax competitiveness, alleged Facebook coverups, and Celine Dion’s bizarre TV advertisement promoting her new gender neutral kids clothing line.

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2020 Live Episode 8: In conversation with Alexandre Gagnon, Vice-President, Amazon Canada & Mexico

The 2020 Network
Alexandre Gagnon, Vice-President of Amazon Canada & Mexico, joins Mike Moffatt in the Canada 2020 studios to discuss Amazon’s expansion plans in Canada, tax policy, cultural protections, and the future of e-commerce. Recorded live on August 21st, 2018.

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