Announcement: Bruce Heyman to Join Canada 2020

A message from Canada 2020 President, Tom Pitfield

Friends –

Tomorrow, we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.
It’s a proud moment for our country, and an opportunity to celebrate our unique national identity.
And like many milestones, it’s also a time to reflect.
It’s what we have been doing a lot of here at Canada 2020. Last June, we celebrated our own birthday, marking 10 years since our founding conference in Mont Tremblant.
In that time, our small but mighty organization has worked hard to inject new ideas and people from around the world into the Canadian policy community.
In fact, we are now seeing more interest in Canada than ever from our progressives friends around the world – all of them looking to understand more about our country and what we have built as Canadians: a strong democracy, a deep respect for the environment, a shared commitment to inclusive prosperity, and a fundamental belief in human rights, to name a few.
As we begin to think about what’s next for Canada 2020, we wanted to look specifically at our place in the world among similar global organizations. After all, there has never been a better time to be Canadian. In order to do that, we decided to recruit someone to help — I’m happy to announce that we’ve found just the right person.

Canada 2020 is pleased to welcome Bruce A. Heyman, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada to our organization starting July 1, 2017.

His mandate is to help Canada 2020 build on its past in order to become a truly global organization. Throughout the summer and into the fall, he will be leading an effort with our board, advisors and staff to position Canada 2020 for the next 10 years, and beyond. He’ll help us think through our organization’s vision, mission, and yes, even branding (2020 is fast approaching, after all).
For those that know Bruce, you know how much he loves this country. During his time as Ambassador to Canada from the U.S., both he and his amazing partner Vicki put their unique stamp on the traditional role of diplomat. Their love of Canada, their enthusiasm for our values, and their passion for our people from coast to coast to coast is inspiring and contagious.
And that’s precisely why we at Canada 2020 are so excited to work with someone like Bruce Heyman.
If you would like to help me welcome Bruce to the organization, or to share some of your ideas about Canada 2020’s future, click here.
Friends, I couldn’t be happier about this news, and on the eve of Canada’s big day, I couldn’t be more optimistic about Canada 2020’s opportunity to take its place on the world stage.
Thanks for reading, and Happy Canada Day!
Tom Pitfield
Canada 2020