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Explain Like I’m Five Episode 31: Boeing 737 Max 8, with Larry Vance

Host Aaron Reynolds is joined by Larry Vance, former Government of Canada pilot, former investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, and the original author of the organization’s Manual of Investigations Operations. Vance shares what’s known about the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash last weekend that involved a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane, its similarities to the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia just five months ago, and the role of automation in aviation.

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/Thread 40: Justice committee suspends mtg, Canada responds to Boeing plane crash, and the U.S. college admissions scandal

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by /Thread panelists Shannon Proudfoot of Maclean’s and David Reevely of The Canadian Press. The trio discuss: the special gathering of the House of Commons justice committee on Wednesday and why it adjourned earlier than expected, the federal government’s response to the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash that involved a Boeing 737 Max 8 model, and the ongoing U.S. college admissions scandal that’s rocked the country.

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