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/Thread Episode 17: Ford/Kavanaugh Hearings, Payette as Governor General, and Covering Polarizing People

“It’s the polarization that terrifies me. It’s the idea that democrats and republicans can’t do anything together in the United States anymore. This is a really vivid and highly intimate look into what polarization can do to human beings and to due process.” Host Sarah Turnbull chats with National Post reporter Marie-Danielle Smith and author, political commentator, […]

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/Thread Episode 16: Floor-crossing, Muppet sexuality, and Kavanaugh…on a train

On this very special mobile edition of /Thread, host Sarah Turnbull and guests Mike Moffatt and Aaron Reynolds talk about now Conservative MP Leona Alleslev’s floor-crossing, the Twitter uproar over Bert and Ernie’s sexuality, and conspiracy theories about Brett Kavanaugh’s doppelgänger. Recorded live on VIA Rail train 34, travelling from Ottawa to Montréal. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play

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