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It’s not unemployment, it’s underemployment

There are a lot of different ways to describe the period after a young person graduates from their schooling, but increasingly in Canada, one word sticks out: underemployed. That’s underemployed. It’s a somewhat slippery concept, and an even harder one to prescribe policy around, but efforts have been made by various banks and other international […]

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The modern university: relevant? Yes, but is this enough?

On May 9, 2013 Canada 2020 staff attended a Canadian Club of Ottawa lunch at which Allan Rock, President of the University of Ottawa and former Chretien-era cabinet minister, delivered a speech entitled “The Skills Mismatch and the Myth of the Irrelevant University”. The speech reiterated that getting a university degree continues to lead to higher […]

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The New Deal for Skills-Based Graduates

Unemployment rates remain high and the latest data shows an uptick. Why is this, when so many businesses and companies are desperate for trained workers? The key to addressing this disconnect is to bring balance to the supply and demand for postsecondary graduates. In many sectors, this equation has lost its equilibrium. The proof is […]

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