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/Thread 35: The Globe and Mail’s bombshell report, SOTU, and ‘Thank God For Canada!’

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by /Thread panelists David Reevely of The Canadian Press and Shannon Proudfoot of Maclean’s. Topics include: The Globe and Mail’s scathing report that puts the PMO in the spotlight for allegedly pressuring the former AG to intervene in the SNC-Lavalin case, the main themes out of the State of the Union address, and the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof’s latest op-ed ‘Thank God For Canada.’

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Quality Content Episode 8: #EnemyOfNone, with Cecile Wehrman

“It doesn’t matter how [fake news] started. It just matters that the president of the United States, who is sworn to uphold the constitution, which has a first amendment giving us the right to a free press is trashing the press at every turn & only trashing the press critical of his actions…” Guest host Sarah […]

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