/Thread 42: SNC-Lavalin updates, Scheer’s mass-text, aftermath of Mueller report, and Apple’s announcement

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“The final act kind of landed like a deflated balloon. Everyone was so built up for this report to land. You could sense Democrats going ‘ok he doesn’t recommend further indictments, he didn’t find evidence of collusion, but it’s still good.'”

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by /Thread panelists Shannon Proudfoot of Maclean’s and David Reevely of The Canadian Press. The trio discuss: updates to the SNC-Lavalin controversy including, Liberal MPs pushing back against Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, committee investigations, and the company’s backtracking of their CEO’s comments about job losses; Andrew Scheer’s mass-text to throw shade on the Liberal’s carbon tax plan; fallout from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report; and Apple’s Monday announcement unveiling new subscription services.

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