Tim Barber one of the ‘most influential people in government and politics’ – The Hill Times

Canada 2020′s Co-Founder Tim Barber has been named one The Hill Times’ 101 most influential people in government and politics in their yearly Power&Influence feature.
Ranking the 100 most powerful politicians, lobbyists, staffers, media and other influencers, Barber is hailed by Bea Vongdouangchanh for his ability to bring the ‘top people into one room.’
From the profile: “Back in the day, he co-founded the ‘Cathay Club’ dinners and annual ‘Bluesky’ sessions at Meech Lake where he would bring Ottawa’s top people together to deliberate on important public policy issues. Now he’s doing it formally with Canada 2020, but on a much larger scale, attracting elite international speakers and hundreds of people to must-attend, sold-out events. Canada 2020 has access to people that other think tanks don’t have…”
Power&Influence is available online.