Tobi Lütke to moderate conversation with President Barack Obama

We’re pleased to announce that Shopify co-founder and CEO Tobi Lütke will moderate a conversation with President Barack Obama at the Canadian Tire Centre on May 31st.

To reserve your ticket, visit:

Tobi Lütke is the founder and CEO of Shopify. In 2004, Tobi began building software to launch an online snowboard store called Snowdevil. It quickly became obvious that the software was more valuable than the snowboards, so Tobi and his founding team launched the Shopify platform in 2006. He has served as CEO since 2008 at the company’s headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Tobi is an active advocate for computer literacy and education, and serves as a board member of Canada Learning Code, an organization working to give all Canadians access to digital skills. In 2014, Tobi was named the Globe and Mail’s CEO of the Year. He served as Chair of the Digital Industries Table, an advisory board commissioned by the federal government to provide recommendations on how to turn Canada into a digital leader. The Table’s report was published in September 2018.