Canada 2020 launches new podcast network

The 2020 Network

New podcast network to give listeners an inside look at Canadian politics and government

The 2020 Network presented by Interac will produce multiple shows a week dedicated to Canadian politics, policy and big ideas

4 June 2018 (Ottawa) – Canada 2020, Canada’s leading independent progressive think-tank has launched a brand new podcast network dedicated to covering politics, policy, government affairs, media and big ideas.
The 2020 Network presented by Interac, is a new podcast channel produced at Canada 2020 in Ottawa. The 2020 Network serves up new shows each week that showcase the ideas and people shifting and shaping the political conversation in Canada. 
“Canadians love podcasts – especially ones that feature insightful conversation about big ideas,” said Alex Paterson, Director of Communications & Operations at Canada 2020. “That’s why we’re thrilled to launch The 2020 Network, a new platform where Canada’s political and policy conversation will come to life each week on the same feed. It’s such a natural extension of what our organization has been doing for 12 years, and we’re excited to see where this new platform takes us.”
“We are thrilled to support Canada 2020 to launch the podcast series,” said Kirkland Morris, Vice-President, Enterprise Strategy, Interac Corp. “We are known in the payments space for connecting Canadian consumers and businesses to move their own money, and we are pleased that we can connect Canadians in another way to meaningful conversations in Ottawa about important ideas and issues.”
Each week, the 2020 Network will host multiple shows, with multiple hosts, on the same channel, starting with: 

Wonk With Mike, hosted by Canada 2020’s Mike Moffatt, is a weekly deep-dive into the world of economics, statistics, and the nitty-gritty, number-crunching world of policy development in Canada. With regular appearances from the #cdnecon Twitter crowd, Wonk With Mike  gives context to the numbers behind Canada’s biggest policy challenges.
Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) is a new podcast from Canada 2020 recorded live in Ottawa in front of a studio audience. Hosted by Alex Paterson, ELI5 s a semi-weekly panel show that asks participants to take a hot, but complex topic and “explain it like I’m 5.”  From cryptocurrencies to machine learning to pharmacare, ELI5 is fun, fast-paced and, for once, an explainer show for a Canadian audience.
 /Thread is our weekly wrap-up chat show. Anything and everything from the week in politics, government and policy is on the table. Featuring a recurring cast, with a rotating core of special guests (press gallery pundits, MPs, think-tank friends and family), /Thread caps off the week on Fridays by taking an irreverent and insightful look back at the week’s events.

More shows will be added to the network in the coming months, and listeners will have a chance to see the 2020 Network Studio presented by Interac on the road at events across the country. 
Listeners can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.