Canada 2020 joins the Evergreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council

Canada 2020 is pleased to announce it has joined the Evergreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council, beginning in 2013 for a two year term.
The council, comprised of forward-looking organizations and partners, will advise Evergreen on the development of a new “New Deal” for cities in Canada. This means thinking through major urban challenges with a new lens of innovative, sustainable solutions.
Said Tim Barber, Canada 2020′s Co-Founder: “Canada 2020 is incredibly proud to join the Evegreen CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council. One of Canada 2020′s core mandates is to think past the here and now, and project forward  10, 20, 50 years the major policy challenges and opportunities that require strategic planning today. And as we think about Canada’s future, it is unmistakably going to be an urban one. The Infrastructure Leaders Council will provide the exact kind of forum needed to test drive new ideas.”

Why cities?

From Evergreen:
“Between now and 2030, McKinsey estimates that $57 trillion in new urban infrastructure investment will be needed globally. Almost 180,000 people move into cities each day. And cities cover only 2 percent of global land area, yet they account for 70 percent of carbon emissions.
We can no longer afford to leave important infrastructure under-utilized, nor build expensive projects in the wrong places at the wrong time. And we cannot build the next 100 years of infrastructure using the concepts and methods of the past 100 years.”

What is the Infrastructure Leaders Council?

The CityWorks Infrastructure Leaders Council is an invitation-only group that will allow your organization to engage with other leaders in promoting the tactics and techniques that will help our urban centres take the steps needed to compete and thrive in a global economy.

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