House Finance Committee cites Canada 2020 work on inequality

The House Standing Committee on Finance has published its report on income inequality, citing Canada 2020′s work, research and thought-leadership.
You can download it in full here (jump to page 40 for the committee’s recommendations).
The report was set in motion by Liberal MP Scott Brison, whose motion to study the effects of income inequality in Canada received cross-party support in the House of Commons in early 2013.
The report features testimony from Canada 2020′s Diana Carney, as well as Dr. Miles Corak, whose Canada 2020 paper Public policies for equality of opportunity and social mobility in Canada is essential reading for Canadian policymakers.
What is abundantly clear is that concern about income inequality will continue to persist the longer substantial policy solutions are not enacted. Indeed, income inequality has dominated global politics this year – with everyone from President Barack Obama to Pope Francis calling it the defining challenge of our time.
The Committee’s report is a good step for Canada’s federal policymakers. In particular, Canada 2020 welcomes its call for investments in early education and care in order to increase social mobility, particularly for lower income areas.