Canada 2020 Policy Lab: Open Banking in Canada

Open Banking Policy Lab

Canada 2020 will be hosting a Policy Lab on Open Banking on Wednesday, May 7th 2018 in the Canada 2020 Studio Space in Ottawa.

On May 7th, Canada 2020 is convening a full-day session on Open Banking – an idea proposed in Budget 2018 by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. While still in its infancy, the idea has the potential to radically transform the banking sector by increasing a consumer’s access to their own financial data across platforms and institutions.
The Canada 2020 Policy Lab will help us think through a number of issues and opportunities surrounding Open Banking, with particular emphasis on:

  • What are the most important regulatory bottlenecks slowing growth of the FinTech sector? Would a move towards open banking help address these bottlenecks?
  • Should Canada develop and implement rules similar to the European Union’s Payment Service Directive (PSD2)?
  • Does the government need a national open banking strategy? If so, what should be in it?

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