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Explain like I’m Five Episode 10: The Phoenix Pay System, with Auditor General Michael Ferguson

“Another recommendation about another policy or another procedure – is that really going to solve this? That’s my biggest concern. I fundamentally feel that there is something more cultural at play that allowed Phoenix to happen.” Canada’s Auditor General Michael Ferguson joins host Aaron Reynolds to explain the role of the Auditor General and what went wrong with the Phoenix pay system.   […]

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The Canada 2020 Policy Lab

Better Public Policy Through Collaboration Canada 2020 Policy Labs are collaborative sessions deployed on emerging public policy issues that require creative thinking, across and outside of the traditional silos of policy development. Their intent is to leave the politics behind, by creating an open space for sharing information and perspectives.   What is a Policy […]

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Privacy Protection in the Federal Public Service

As is the case for all other institutions, privacy protection in the Federal Public Service in the digital age has become an unprecedented challenge, in its importance as well as in its nature. Even experienced managers find themselves unequipped to deal with the convergence of two towering phenomena: an information technology that is wreaking havoc with all traditional patterns of data protection, and a public security environment that calls for the collection and analysis of personal information at an unprecedented rate.

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