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The case for a carbon tax in Canada

In this latest addition to Canada 2020’s federal policy paper series, Nic Rivers from the University of Ottawa makes a convincing and comprehensive case for a carbon tax in Canada that moves well beyond the current sector-by-sector approach installed by the Harper government. Click to read the full report.

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Why would Canadians buy carbon pricing?

This paper serves as a summary of background information on climate and carbon pricing, how we got to the current political deadlock, and some options and factors that will influence decisions going forward. A first step is to reignite enthusiasm for this topic through identifying a refreshed mode of discussion. We can then begin to define a constructive and positive course of action that is based on a common Canadian sense of purpose that enables us truly to lead in this area.

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How to talk about a carbon price – without panicking

Today, Canada 2020 will host a public panel event in Ottawa on carbon pricing. It is called ‘How to sell carbon pricing to Canadians’ and we planned it last fall. As it turns out, our timing could not have been better. In the wake of Alberta Minister McQueen’s statement on a possible 40/40 carbon emissions […]

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