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/Thread Episode 26: GM closures, Ontario’s climate plan, and romance on the Hill

Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by Tim Powers of Summa Strategies and David Reevely of The Canadian Press to discuss: General Motors’ closure of five North American auto plants and how USMCA ties into the discussion, Ontario’s proposed climate plan, and Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s engagement news.

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Wonk with Mike Episode 22: “You Can’t Do Nothing” about Climate Change, with Chris Ragan

“It’s easy to say we don’t like taxes. It’s easy to say all taxes are bad but it’s not so easy to offer an alternative. So let’s actually make sure that people who are opposed to a carbon price are putting something forward as an alternative.” Host Mike Moffatt sits down with economist Chris Ragan […]

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/Thread Episode 19: Climate, Cannabis, and Kanye West

“The idea that carbon taxes don’t work – I’m sure you could misdesign them and mess them up – but you’re arguing essentially that prices don’t affect behaviour, which is not the way I live and it’s not the way anyone else lives as far as I know.” Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by David Reevely, […]

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