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Explain Like I’m Five Episode 15: Cannabis legalization, with Anne McLellan

“Good rule to start with, if you can’t smoke tobacco wherever you are, you cannot smoke cannabis.” Host Aaron Reynolds sits down with Anne McLellan, former deputy prime minister, cabinet minister, and chair of Canada’s task force on cannabis legalization and regulation to discuss the rollout of cannabis law in Canada. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play

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Wonk with Mike Episode 21: Stats Cannabis, with James Tebrake

“Our issue was not so much how are we going to measure [cannabis] going forward but how do we measure the back period, the illegal period, so that when we provide a measure of GDP post-legalization we have a nice consistent time series.” Host Mike Moffatt sat down James Tebrake, Director General of the Macroeconomics […]

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/Thread Episode 19: Climate, Cannabis, and Kanye West

“The idea that carbon taxes don’t work – I’m sure you could misdesign them and mess them up – but you’re arguing essentially that prices don’t affect behaviour, which is not the way I live and it’s not the way anyone else lives as far as I know.” Host Sarah Turnbull is joined by David Reevely, […]

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