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2020 Live Episode 8: In conversation with Alexandre Gagnon, Vice-President, Amazon Canada & Mexico

Alexandre Gagnon, Vice-President of Amazon Canada & Mexico, joins Mike Moffatt in the Canada 2020 studios to discuss Amazon’s expansion plans in Canada, tax policy, cultural protections, and the future of e-commerce. Recorded live on August 21st, 2018. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play

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2020 Live Episode 1: G7 Week, with the Hon. Andrew Leslie

Producer Aaron and Intern June take you live to the 5th Annual Canada 2020 Conference that happened this week to hear from the Honourable Andrew Leslie. Serving as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (with special responsibility for the Canada-U.S. relationship), General Leslie spoke to the G7 themes that will be discussed at this week’s summit in Charlevoix. Plus, Aaron and June give a preview of what’s to come on the 2020 Network presented by Interac (Ronan Farrow! Liz Plank!). Also, they try to convey just how tall James Comey actually is.

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